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Website speed optimization from 0-100% in Google PageInsight by using only one plugin

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Are you looking for how to increase your website speed optimization from 0-100% in Google Page Insight by using only one plugin that controls all the functionality to make your website fast?

Yes today I will show you the best plugin that helps you to make your website fast from 0-100% without that much effort and technical skills you just need to configure the website according to the steps that I will show you here and you will follow it step by step to make your website fast as you want and Google like your website because you provide a good user experience and Google will rank your website in Google search result that will give you huge benefits in the form of business and new clients.

In this tutorial, I will cover all the following queries that are mostly raised whenever someone wants to improve website speed optimization.

What is website speed optimization?

Website optimization technique to improve your website speed?

How to increase the website speed of WordPress?

How to increase website speed in Google page speed insights?

What is website speed optimization?

Website speed optimization refers to the time at which the website all pages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or media content mean images and other files is downloaded from the website hosting servers to the requesting client browser.

There are three core aspects that affect the website speed optimization


  • Rendering of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of all pages.
  • Server response time to the client browser.
  • The requested web page renders on the browser.


The main question is how we will overcome these all factors that we improve the website speed accordingly to the desired result in Google page Insight.

In WordPress, there are multiple types of plugins but all of them cover one of the specific factors of speed optimization for this reason you will need to install all plugins one by one to cover all the factors that affect the website speed optimization in Google page insight.

Nitropack plugin

Nitropack plugin is a power full plugin that covers all the factor which is essential for website speed optimization, one in one solution for your website speed optimization.

Instead of using several plugins on your website you just install one plugin and help you to cover all the speed factors.

NitroPack will start the optimization of your site automatically and implement various caching types, minification, compression, image optimization, serving images in next-gen formats (e.g. SVG), DNS prefetch, and deferring of JavaScript’s, etc.

Features of Nitropack Plugins


Automatic website optimization

When Nitropack connects to the domain it will start automatically all the necessary optimization accordingly there is no need to do anything manually. Nitropack is all in one solution for a website that covers all the necessary functions for website speed optimization in Google PageInsight.

 Supports WordPress and other content management systems

NitroPack is multiplatform supported which can help any content management platform and give you the best result and desired outcome.

Global CDN included and automatically configured

Nitropack provides a global CDN that helps the end-user to access the web pages in a short time without time latency. Nitropack CDN helps to load the content to the client browser in a very short time which minimizes the network bandwidth.

Various caching types (page, browser, and more)

Nitropack provides various caching types which helps the user to access the web pages. Nitropack provides compatibility with Cloudflare cache by providing Cloudflare account secret key to integrate with Cloudflare cash and synch both caches which will not create any issue if you configure the Cloudflare with your site.

Automatic image optimization

Nitropack converts all the images to the Google recommended format without installing other third-party plugins. Nitropack compresses all the images and converts them to google’s recommended format.

HTML, JS and CSS minification/ compression

Minifies the web page HTML, CSS,  and JavaScript which helps to minimize the web pages size and load fast to the client browser.

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