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How to Configure Sitemap in Bing Search Engine in 2022?

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Configure sitemap in Bing and Google, you can most effectively preserve higher ranks inside the search engines, in case you keep modifying content material on your web page; keeping it fresh and valuable to the needs of your traffic. If configured sitemap in Bing and Google search console it will periodically check the sitemap and index all pages and posts of the website.

So there are multiple types of questions:

 How I will configure the sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tool?

How to create/generate the website sitemap?

Which plugin is best for sitemap in WordPress?

Rank Math Vs Yeast for sitemap?


I am going to clear all of your confusion with simple and easy solutions to stay with me till the end!

  • Using Bing webmaster tools
  • By importing from Google search console
  • Pinging HTTP request
  • Using Robots. text
  • Sitemap Best Tools/ Plugins?



Bing Webmaster Tools provide an interface through which we will configure sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tool. First, we need to make an account with Bing Webmaster Tool, and if you have you need to login into your account.

1.1 Login to your Bing Webmaster Tools

Login to your Bing Webmaster Tools and choose your website URL from the dropdown list of websites that you want to configure website sitemap.


login to your Bing webmaster Tool

choose website from list

1.2 Navigate to the sitemap link in the left sidebar

In Bing Webmaster Tools, navigates to the sitemap section and click on submit sitemap button it will show you the interface that you will be able to configure your website sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tool.

1.3 Submit the sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools

Now enter the URL of your website sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tool that you have created or generated through the tool. While submitting the sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tool ensure that you add the sitemap which looks like this:


There are two types of sitemaps

  • index sitemap( combination of more than one sitemaps that cover all website links)

e.g. https://yourdomain/sitemap_index.xml

  • specific sitemap ( sitemap which is specific to pages, categories, etc. which cover specifics links of the website )

e.g.  https://yourdomain/page-sitemap.xml

I recommend using the index sitemap because it will cover all your website URLs.

After successfully submitting your index sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tool to index your website links one-off submission process will start, Bing crawler will crawl all the links in the sitemap and there will be no need to add individual sitemap just update the index sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tool whenever you update the website contents.


1.4 Check result after submission of sitemap

Once the sitemap is submitted successfully Bing crawler will crawl all the sitemap links and wait for a while that all the process of indexing has been completed once the process is completed enter the link through the URL inspection tool, and click on inspect and you will see the result of index URLs.



Bing Webmaster Tools provide the facility to import the websites of Google Search Console with a few clicks to Bing Webmaster Tool with all configurations that you have done in Google Search Console.

2.1 Import sites from GSC

Login to your Bing Webmaster Tool account and click on the list of websites on the left sidebar on top you will see the Add a Site option on the dropdown menu once you click on you will see the Welcome page where you will see the Import of GSC click on it will redirect to your Google search console and ask for all permission for Bing to import all the websites of GSC to Bing Webmaster Tool.


2.2 Give all the permission to Bing Webmaster Tool

Once you click on import Bing would request your confirmation to fetch the required data from Google Search Console to import to Bing Webmaster Tool.


After clicking on continue Google will authenticate the request of permission that Google allows and provide all the websites data to Bing Webmaster Tool.

2.3 Choose the websites that you want to import to Bing Webmaster Tool

Now you are allowing Bing the fetch all the website data from Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tool will show all the founded websites in Google Search Console and list, you will choose the website from it for that you want to configure sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tool.




Now Bing will start to crawl the URLs submitted through the sitemap which are imported from Google Search Console.


If you have no account in Bing Webmaster Tool and you want to do all the tasks by a simple command in your browser search tab.

Open your browser and type the below command in your browser search tab:


On successful execution of command it will show you the notification below:

command sitemap submission


When a website with a Robots.txt file all the search engines crawlers come to the domain and check for allowed URLs that need to be indexed. If you have no idea about the robots.txt file it is a simple text file with a txt extension in which we need to define the URLs of the website that needs to be crawled or not to be crawled by adding a few lines of code.


In WordPress, there are famous SEO plugins Yoast and Rank Math which create robots.txt files by default for you but if you have no installation of these plugins just make a file with txt extension and paste the above lines of code with custom URLs and paste in your website root directory.


In WordPress two plugins are mostly used for sitemap and SEO

  • Rank Math
  • Yoast SEO

Rank Math and Yoast SEO offer:

  • Google Search Console integration
  • Automatic canonical URLs
  • XML sitemaps
  • Social media optimization
  • SEO breadcrumbs
  • Post preview
  • Site verification
  • Schema markup

Rank math has multiple features which make it different from Yoast SEO and Rank Math free features which Yoast SEO offers in a premium plan.

rank math features


In this article, we learn how you will configure your website sitemap with Bing Webmaster Tool, in four ways.

  • Using Bing webmaster tools
  • By importing from Google search console
  • Pinging HTTP request
  • Using Robots. text

This first method is manually by creating Bing Webmaster Tool account, Second is imported all the data of Google Search Console to Bing Webmaster Tool, the Third one is way in which if you have no account you want to index your website sitemap through simple command in your browser and last and final method is through Robots.txt file in which allow the sitemap to index by all search engines crawlers.


I hope the tutorial was helpful in submitting your website’s sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tool. If you have any questions free feel to ask through our contacts Info.

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